MLI Concepts staff has successfully represented the following companies and programs. 

  • JUNO-Ultraviolet Spectrograph ( UVS)- Southwest Research Institute
  • Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload Flight Demonstration (FD-CHIRP)- Science Applications International Corporation
  • Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP), EMFISIS, MSC- University of Iowa/Bison Aerospace (Recommendation Letter)
  • HVPS Mission- Ktech Corporation
  • Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)- Goddard Space Flight Center
  • HST Service Mission- Orbital Sciences
  • 3rd Generation Infrared Surveillance (3GIRS)- Science Applications International Corporation
  • International Space Station- Boeing Rocketdyne and McDonnell Douglas Divisions
  • GPSIIR- Aerojet Corporation
  • Multi-Spectral Thermal Imager- Sandia Laboratories
  • EO-1 / Swales Aerospace, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Indostar/Brazil SAT-2a, 2b & 2c- Orbital Sciences Corp.
  • Microwave Anisotropy Probe- NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • SCIP Instrument- Naval Research Laboratory
  • Themis Probes - Swales Aerospace, University of Berkley CA
  • PTU Blankets- Lockheed Martin
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