MLI Concepts, LLC specialize in synchronized engineering.  Each program demands unique design and fabrication requirements. Our expertise and technical knowledge in working with MLI materials and fabrication techniques allows us to improve upon patterns during the design phase and working in parallel with your engineers to achieve program success. 

Using IGES, DWG, DXF, Solid Works and PRO-E Wildfire file formats, we can generate templates using customer’s CAD files. Our skilled staff will then perform either an on-site fit check or an actual real-time template generation at your facility, providing every client with individualized, personal attention tailor-made to each customer’s specific needs.

MLI Concepts, LLC also provides on-site design support, formal reviews and installation of a wide range of ground support structures.


At MLI Concepts, LLC, customized, vacuum bake-out requirements can be tested and certified to either customer specification or NASA requirements through our superior local vacuum bake-out and outgas testing capabilities. MLI Concepts, LLC can test your materials using methods such as ASTM-E595 that meets NASA Standard SPR-0022A of <1.0% TML and <0.1% CVCM.


MLI Concepts can development and procure prototype models for your hardware specifications. The use of high fidelity models can assure accuracy, as well as a test unit for your multi-layer insulation requirements. Utilizing high fidelity mock-ups can greatly impact in regards to scheduling by reducing lead-time for fit-checks to actual flight hardware.  MLI Concepts has the capability of producing or completing your model project within seven days or less, depending upon design, material availability and location. 


  • CNC milling & turning of all materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, & plastics.
  • Production maching, fabrication, welding, & assembly.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) engineering services & total project management.
  • Complete inspection and customer service departments.
  • Sheet Metal Works
  • ISO 9001:2000 compliant.


MLIC currently has the capability to support Thermal Design and Analysis Services, supporting concept design to flight and testing.

Analysis Software Supported: Thermal Desktop, SINDA, TRASYS and other supportting tools.


MLI Concepts leverage our relationships and vast knowledge of the intricate Government and Commercial procurement process to provide cost effective and timely solutions to our client contracting needs.

Strategic Sourcing
MLIC optimizes product and service offerings to achieve client objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment, and services.

Material Management
MLIC ‘s material management professionals, support execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of materials and hardware from manufacturing facilities to our customers task site

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