MLI Concepts, LLC (MLIC) is an aerospace manufacturing company specializing in Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) design, fabrication and installation for a variety of spacecraft, instruments and cryogenic applications. MLI Concepts has the exceptional capability to produce high temperature plume shields, propulsion system heat shields, RF and EMI shielding blankets and Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) compatible systems. 

Through synchronized engineering and years of experience, MLI Concepts' staff have improved design and manufacturing techniques that meet and/or exceed the requirements of the most extreme environments facing today's aerospace applications.  Dedication to our clients by opening lines of communication, assures risk and lead-time reduction, and guarantees product satisfaction for all MLI Concepts' applications. 

MLI Concepts has the specialized expertise in Multi-Layer Insulation support and a host of other services to boost your program to attain mission success.  

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